Fotonika 21 Laser and Health Academy Competency Center for Biomedical Engineering
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FOTONIKA21 is a voluntary association and represents the interest of the Slovenian photonics industry and research institutes in the field of photonics in Slovenia. FOTONIKA21 is not a legal body and does not possess any legal form.

Who are the members?

Everyone who is involved in applied research, technical development and practical application of photonic technologies can become a FOTONIKA21 member. The main reason for which Slovenian Technology Platforms have been launched is to better align Slovenian and EU research and innovation priorities with industry's needs. Thus, in particular, photonics-related companies and research institutions are invited to join FOTONIKA21 and to implement the Slovenian and EU photonics strategy.

Presently, FOTONIKA21 comprises over 60 members from industry (manufacturers as well as users of optical technologies) and academia.